International Conference on Social Networks and Agricultural Technology

Together with the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD Rwanda) and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT Rwanda), FES Rwanda organized a conference on the issues of social protection strategies, practices and knowledge in rural areas with a focus on social networks and agricultural technology.

Photo: FES Rwanda

Photo: FES Rwanda

Photo: FES Rwanda

Photo: FES Rwanda

Speakers were international experts from East Africa and Germany from the fields of science, civil society organizations and politics, such as Mrs. Doris Ahnen, finance minister of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany and Mr. Yves Bernard from MINALOC Rwanda.

The conference aimed to answer questions such as: How can international research be linked with local knowledge and practices? How can farmers perspectives and needs be supported by government policies? How can agricultural innovations, in terms of production, commercialisation and transformation, improve rural livelihoods? How can rural areas be strengthened and their economic potential be raised?

The active participation and discussions represented an important step towards better social protection in farming in Rwanda and East Africa.


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