Living in a Changing World : How can Societies Contribute to Sustainable Development?

Two weeks ago, FES Rwanda hosted an event at which Wolfgang Huber, the former chairman of the Protestant Church in Germany, shared his view on ''Sustainable Development in a Changing World''.

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Changing World



 Our world is changing: Above all, the climate with its threatening consequences of irregular rain patterns, droughts and disasters, the alarming loss of biodiversity, rising nationalism and the revival of a nuclear arms race, digitalization, the ongoing development of artificial intelligence and migration mankind is facing today.

The world is at a crossroads. But how to find a feasible solution for all, for the rich and the poor? This is not only a challenge for national governments, but also for private companies and the multitude of civil society organizations. How can we identify appropriate approaches, how can we bring them together? What is necessary for the interaction of the various governmental and non-governmental actors to succeed in these complicated processes? How can we negate the social dimension of sustainability?


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