Feminism and Gender Justice in Rwanda

Is there a sustainable development without gender justice? In pursuing its objective about social protection, FES Rwanda is working with different partners on feminism and gender justice to advocate and empower women and other marginalised groups in the society to become gender justice change makers. This is done through interactive workshops, exchange with national and international feminism and gender justice actors and activists, policy makers, diplomatic bodies, etc.

In partnership with EPRN,FES Rwanda initiated the program of Feminist Working group on Just Transition (FWgJT). The program brings together women from different background in Rwanda, including Ministries, National and International NGOs, think tanks, academia, private sector and civile society organizations.

The objectives of the program include:

  • to create a feminist and gender justice group to enhance awareness and activism on feminism, gender justice and just transition.
  • to increase the understanding of the participants about the topics and link those topics to social democracy and just transition.
  • to integrate feminism, and just transition in the inclusive and sustainable development.
  • to give women  a platform and a safe space of sharing experience, exchanges and exposure to various feminism, gender justice, social democracy and just transitions aspects.

The program is for 6 months and those who graduate form alumni network to continue advocacy on gender justice and engagement in active gender initiatives from their respective communities.


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