EPRN – FES "Economy and regulatory perspectives – what are the economic measures to revive the global food security"

The recent global crisis of Covid-19 can be seen as a wake-up call which can be turned into an opportunity to work hard on the resilience and self-reliance for developing countries and the international community in general. The crisis has highlighted economic gaps and high end dependence when it comes to health, economy, and agriculture sectors. Food is and has always been a primary need for the people of all categories. However, scarcity in food supplies affect global and local economies and trade dynamics.

Moreover, there is a need to re-think different ways in which governments and development partners should provide economic sustainability that result in a global food security as a fundamental need and right to everyone.

Therefore, the central objective of this discussion was the existing and new economic measures to ensure global food security in its multiple dimensions.

In accordance with the moderator Ishimwe Yvette, Dr David J Spielman, Program Leader, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), discussed this topic.

Find a shorter documentation of the entire activity below.

What are the economic measures to revive the global food security?

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