IPAR and FES Rwanda

“In the framework of the project "Poverty Advisory Group" between IPAR (Institute for Policy analysis and Research) and FES Rwanda, Research results and short videos have already been presented.


Central Policy Brief on Urbanization of secondary cities:  http://www.ipar-rwanda.org/IMG/pdf/central_policy_brief_final.pdf

Policy Brief on Urbanization of Rubavu City:  http://www.ipar-rwanda.org/IMG/pdf/policy_brief_rubavu.pdf

Policy Brief on Urbanization of Muhanga City:  http://www.ipar-rwanda.org/IMG/pdf/policy_brief_muhanga.pdf

Policy Brief on Urbanization of Nyagatare City:  http://www.ipar-rwanda.org/IMG/pdf/policy_brief_nyagatare.pdf

Infographic on urbanization of Secondary Cities:  http://www.ipar-rwanda.org/IMG/pdf/central_policy_brief_infographic_final.pdf

Determinants of Household saving in Rwanda Brief:  http://www.ipar-rwanda.org/IMG/pdf/boosting_household_savings_in_rwanda_policy_brief.pd


Videos Below


Investigating Accessibility and Spatial Distribution of Water Supply Systems/Utilities in Kamonyi

Understanding the effects of school-related cost on education attainment in basic education

Determinants of household saving in Rwanda

They are available to all free of charge on the pages of IPAR.



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