Open Dialogue on Quality Education in Rwanda; A contribution to the Education Policy Review in Rwanda

How can the new education policy engage CSOs and Academia in education policy review? This and other questions were raised during the August 2021 “Kigali Debate” in cooperation with IRDP.

Rwanda trusts that development of human resources is one of the principal factors in achieving sustainable economic and social development. Like many other countries, Rwanda now finds itself at a crossroads with commitments to achieve certain international development targets, notably Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Education for All (EFA), and a great need to develop other levels of education which remain at a low point. Furthermore, the education system must also fit in the guidelines defined in its main strategies like Vision 2020 and Vision 2050, the Poverty Reduction Strategy, the Decentralization policy and the Information and Communications Technology policy.

In the monthly dialogue, the representative of the Ministry of Education discussed various aspects of the new policy framework.

The shorten documentary of the debate can be found here

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